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If your business has a Macintosh computer, you can set it up so that its on-screen content displays on two monitors simultaneously. This is accomplished in two.

After talking with my colleague and researching this issue, I found two ways one is free, the other is using a paid application to open Microsoft Works files. For more details, see below the jump. The non-free way is to use Works Document Viewer for Mac. This is an application which allows Works documents to be opened for viewing and also converted to another format.

The free way leverages the Zamzar. See below for the procedure to use:.

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Open a web browser and go to the following site: I know this as we had a retired teacher had me convert his old archives on the side. That old version did provide Word export to contemporary versions at the time. Word 98 for Mac also included import filters for it as an optional add on.

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Select the format you want to convert the document to. Enter a convenient email address where Zamzar can email you about the converted file. When all is set as desired, click the Convert button.

Zamzar will convert the Works file to the desired format and email you a download link. Mike Adams Registered Jul 30, The Mac does not have Word installed, only Appleworks.

MacLink will not translate the files and nothing else seems to recognise them. Is there a standard way of accessing these files, or will I have to fins a machine with WOrd on it? DeltaMac Tech Jul 30, Even MS Word won't do that in recent versions. Viro Registered Jul 31, That's a real problem with Microsoft Works.

Jul 31, That's why editors should be forced to publish the format of all their files, so that users can recover their data. But for for a word processor as simple as MS Works, the translation should be pretty good.

opening microsoft works files

Aug 2, Since Works doesn't even contain them, there shouldn't be any problem with saving those files to RTF. Just another reason to utilize an industry standard format when saving files.

RTF is the choice here. Word X will open Works files usually, but if you have access to a PC with Works then it would be a bit easier to open them there and resave. There are some Mac-oriented options available, BUT you will loose all formatting. What I can offer you is text recovery only.