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If your business has a Macintosh computer, you can set it up so that its on-screen content displays on two monitors simultaneously. This is accomplished in two.

At some point, his headgear will shine yellow two jabs before the limit, such as 4 jabs after a One-Star Punch , giving the player a signal to hook him for a star.

If Mac loses to him, Glass Joe will laugh, run to a ring corner and joyfully proclaim his victory to the audience. He has two different descriptions depending on your console region. NA: It's either very brave or very silly for a boxer to have a name so close to "glass jaw.

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To his credit, Glass Joe never gives up—he's lost more bouts than most have fought in, and yet he never surrenders. PAL: Glass Joe might not sound exactly like 'glass jaw', but you've got to admit, it takes guts to go into the ring with a name that tells everyone your weak point. Knock him out and Weird things aside, there's one thing you can say about Glass Joe: he's a man who doesn't give up, no matter how many times he loses.

He also made a cameo appearance in Captain N: The Game Master in the episode Videolympics , where he is seen boxing his own shadow, to which he loses.

14. [60 FPS] Glass Joe (Title Defense) - Punch-Out!! (Wii)

Matching his weak physique, Glass Joe constantly complains about his pain in between rounds. He can be heard complaining about such things as his gloves being too tight, being too old for fighting, his stomach hurting and most importantly about his weak jaw. In Punch-Out!! Dream , he even commonly asks if he has time to take a nap before the fight and is eager to retire.

Wii , Glass Joe is a lot more energetic than in his previous appearances. While he still sometimes complains about his pain between rounds, he tries to gain the audience's cheering and even lightly taunts Little Mac. He has a passion for baguettes, croissants, and coffee, as seen in his intro. He is also shown to be patriotic to France, as his taunt has him declaring "Vive la France" which ironically left him with enough of an opening to be easily knocked down.

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This article is a quality article. He has lost 99 times and has won once, in a freak accidental win against Nick Bruiser , states the Official Nintendo Magazine Punch-Out!!

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The cutscene theme for him in all games is La Marseillaise , the national anthem of France. Contents [ show ].

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The Biggest Punching Bag in Gaming - Glass Joe for Smash! (No this is not a joke post)

Pairing Plus Filters. Cancel Apply Joshua 's Punchout by dannyrockon reviews My oc Joshua McClain is an upcoming boxer and one day he got invited to fight Champions from different weight class, and he took the chance to fight pros. Baby by pewdiesuno Joe has been acting strange it doesn't take long for kaiser to find out. Little Mac has the idea to take Doc to a baseball game on one rare spring day off from training and traveling.

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Doc is less than amused at the appalling sportsmanship of the opposing team. Based on the prompt: "That's starting to get annoying.

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The CBA opens to take its place. Mac is ready to fight his way back to the top! The Punch Out Legacy! Plain Jane by Amelia Bennet reviews Ever wondered about the people in the audience who watched the fights during punch out! Well this story is about one face in the crowd who loved Mac from the start.

What made Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! so special?

Her problem. How do you get a rising star to notice you? He seeks for help at an indecent time of night, and luckily, he finds it! Accuser by kmoody reviews Glass Joe reflects on his career.