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If your business has a Macintosh computer, you can set it up so that its on-screen content displays on two monitors simultaneously. This is accomplished in two.

The XCode development environment includes the gcc compiler and critical libraries required to build applications to be run in Mac OS X. Note: as of October , XCode seems to be distributed through the App Store, which means you need to have an account there.


It's really a matter of your personal choice, but it is better to go with one or the other and not both. If you are using MacPorts, or you want to install it, you can ignore the above about fink and move to step 3.

There is a known bug involving -arch directive. If you do, try disabling it. As of Nov , this installs gcc 7. At this point, check you are using the correct version by running gcc -v or gfortran -v.

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GDB Installation on Mac OS X

It should tell you that you are using the MacPorts version here. If you see that it is the Xcode version, try selecting it again, or restarting the terminal. Note this is a large package and is best installed over a fast network connection.

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At this point you should be ready to install iSALE in the standard way. With the move to Yosemite, gcc 4. The same method works for El Capitan and Sierra. Note, installing pgplot before gcc means that gcc 4. This is fine, but means we need to make a small fix to qt3 see step 9.

How to install gcc compiler on Mac OS X

As of Jan , it installs gcc 4. Both seem to work equally well.

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This step is necessary, otherwise the Xcode version will be used, and this causes lots of problems later. Now we have gcc, we need to install qt3. I am not a computer scientist or Fortran guru and, as such, am unlikely to be able to help you with Fortran code, compilation or runtime problems. There are several options available for installing gfortran for Mac OS X, other than installing from source code.

I currently choose to use the relevant gfortran installer.

Compiling MATLAB support

There are also various tar-files of gfortran distributions provided at the High Performance Computing web page. There are up-to-date distributions for some systems only Mac OS X I recommend not to choose a package containing a version that is not a stable version according to the main GCC web site. Furthermore, for simplicity, I would recommend only to install the relevant "gfortran only" distributions.

The files are gzip'd tar-files which should be unpacked, for instance by using the Terminal application, as follows:. Previously, I had preferred to use the gfortran packages distributed in association with the R Project.

Installing Erlang

These can be found in the "Apple Xcode gcc add-ons" section of their Tools web page opens in new window or via the direct links below. These gfortran packages and updates are specifically built to match Apple's own gcc builds. This does mean that the version is back at GCC 4.

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