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Great recipe, though! I made them they are very good, but fell apart, and I used egg, should you pack the mixture into the cups? I'm excited to make them but want to make sure I have enough. You have to use a cup measure for a cup. It's also 8 ounces or if you are using metric, 2 full deciliters is about a cup. I made these last summer for a a party and they were such a hit! Sorry I didn't get around to posting a comment until now. I did not have any issues with them falling apart as some are mentioning here. Perhaps this is happening when people remove them from the pan without waiting the suggested 5 minutes?

I had hoped after the first batch that the macaroni would hold and they did not. Today was a sad day. I used a little more egg than called for and a bit more cheese and then cooled them in the pan completely before trying to take them out. This gave it a very good taste. They taste great! I will be freezing them tonight, and next week I will let them defrost completely before reheating, adding a little more cheddar on top for a binder and a bit of crisp.

Mini Mac and Cheese Bites

Can these be made ahead of time, frozen, then reheated? Need to make bite sized food for Sunday after a busy weekend. I doubled the recipe and did them in regular […]. This is a great recipe and putting these into muffin tins makes it easier for diabetic portion control and to pack for a lunch. Also going to do this to freeze ahead for camping. I took these as an appetizer to a party.

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On the table filled with a wide variety of delicious appetizers, these disappeared immediately. Who can resist a small bite of Mac n' cheese?

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I will be making these again. It took longer to bake mine and I found them easier to remove if they actually browned. I added a bit of dry mustard, but otherwise found the recipe delicious. Tried these. They are easy and wonderful. I made a batch and froze them for those times when unexpected guests wind up at your door. Just pop them in the oven and snacks are on hand.

Everybody loves them, and now I always keep a batch in the freezer. Hi can you substitute the cream cheese for any other cheese? I used Campbell's cheddar cheese soup and shredded cheddar cheese when I make my mac and cheese, I was wondering if that would work? I would love to make them tonight but have no cream cheese and thought I'd ask I am so jazzed t make this recipe. If you have anon stick muffin tine should I still spray the pan. Or if I use muffin baking cups will the macaroni muffins stick to paper?

I realize that by spending more time and copying and pasting into a new document and changing the font, I could read the posts. My question is, why make the posted font so light greys in the first place? Why not make it black? Why use a light grey font rather than just using black?

It's pretty frustrating having to copy the text from your site, paste it into a new document, and then change the font to make it more visible. Will it still hold if I make a slightly more calorie conscious sauce i. With lesser cheese and no cream cheese?

I made this tonight. Kids and I loved it.

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I broiled the muffins for the last 5 minutes to make them browner and crispier. All the kids and I love this recipe. We don't cook it in the oven When we cook for parties, we pop them in the oven for easy finger food!

Fried Mac and Cheese Balls Recipe

Looks delish!! I'm planning to make this for my daughter. She loves Mac and Cheese but she's very picky. One question, on Step 5, is the pasta raw or cooked when you stir and combine with cheese and egg? Came out perfect! Substituted with cream cheese chive dip, added dry mustard, and sprinkled Pank o on pan and top and baked 20 minures. Came out of pan instantly.

I made these yesterday and added some chopped bacon. Held together perfectly and they were excellent! I have the solution for sticking in the pan. Use a small ice cream scoop and put on a greased cookie sheet. So good. Bake for 15 minutes. I crushed up funions put on top so they seem fried. I also added hot sauce. Did I say so good. I would also like to make these in regular muffin cups and wondered how long you baked yours for. I did it. I use regular size cupcake pan double the recipe , and they 30 of them came fine.

I just gave them a bit more time to cook until the cheese on top was brown. Soo good.

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They did not came apart. Thanks for the idea. Question: I cannot eat yellow cheddar, dye-allergy so I only eat white cheddar or other white cheeses. Do you think using Old white cheddar or is there other cheeses you could suggest.