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If your business has a Macintosh computer, you can set it up so that its on-screen content displays on two monitors simultaneously. This is accomplished in two.

Moi non plus! Le cycle de vie de PHP 5.


Zvals : les variables de PHP 6. HashTables et tableaux 8. Classes et Objets — partie 1 Erreurs et exceptions Classes et Objets — partie 2 Travailler avec des flux Les ressources Quelques points divers Les Extensions Zend Aucun risque!

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Composing Software. Eric Elliott. Andriy Burkov. I just threw this together so do with it what you will.

Padé Approximation and its Applications

I needed a piece of code similar to the one Matt posted below, on the 10th of March, However, I wasn't completely satisfied with Matt's code sorry, Matt! No offense intended! What are the bugs? This is no big deal if your keys are hard-coded and you can make sure the keys don't interfere, but in my code the keys are variable.

So I decided to first sort the array on a decreasing length of the key. Here's a clean, working version of functions to allow using named arguments instead of numeric ones. This is in line with the semantics of printf in other languages.

Tutoriel - Apprendre la programmation de script batch

See bugs and for more details. Was looking for a assoc way of using sprintf but couldnt find one, probably wasnt looking hard enough so came up with this.

Very very simple indeed I am 21, how old are you? I like food!

In my case, the input from MySQL was a string with 15 digits of precision that was displayed with 6. Likely what happens is that the rounding occurs in the conversion to a float before it is displayed. Free Updates. Free App.