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If your business has a Macintosh computer, you can set it up so that its on-screen content displays on two monitors simultaneously. This is accomplished in two.

Subscribe to 9to5Mac on YouTube now for more videos. On the y-axis, it features 2, lines of vertical resolution, which is more akin to that of a UHD 4K display. With this in mind, the LG UltraWide is more like a 4.

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It features the vertical resolution of 4K, combined with the horizontal resolution of 5K. To illustrate this, take a look at the following GIF animation:. What conclusions can we draw from this comparison? Naturally, a display is a completely different animal than the typical or display, as found on traditional monitors. The result, according to LG, is greater intensity and purity for on screen colors.

The unit includes an ambient light sensor on top of the display housing because of the tiny bezels for auto brightness, which can be toggled in the settings. With my pancake studio lights positioned several feet behind the display, I found myself needing to crank up the brightness quite a bit, which could be a side effect of the oddly placed ambient light sensor. Viewing angles, as you should expect from an IPS panel, are good.

The 34WK95U features a contrast ratio, and for this untrained eye, black levels seem good.

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Using a simple local dimming test on YouTube, I could make out a noted difference in black levels with local dimming active versus it being inactive. It provides up to 85 watts of power, enough to recharge a inch specced-out MacBook Pro at full speed. HDMI 2. The default resolution for HDMI 2. After a few restarts, audio output began working via Thunderbolt 3 like it should.

Run More Than 3 Monitors on the 2018 & 12222 Mac Mini

Set up can be accomplished in just a few short minutes thanks to the quick-attach mount plate on the rear of the display. As is the case with nearly all third-party displays, the unit is comprised primarily of plastic. The base is metal, but the arm and everything else is plastic.

The only metal component contained in the package is the base stand, which needs the weight that metal provides to prevent it from toppling over. Like most displays that can be raised, the LG display gets more wobbly the higher you go. At its highest, mere keyboard strokes can cause the display to move subtly, but this phenomenon is mostly eliminated at lower heights. All display settings are controlled via the clickable four-way joystick nub on the bottom-center area of the display. Moving around the on-screen interface is performed with the four-way joystick, while a click of the joystick confirms your selections.

You can quickly adjust speaker volume by clicking left or right on the joystick. Clicking forward on the joystick while volume controls are displayed toggles mute. Clicking in on the joystick brings up the quick menu, which allows you to jump directly to key areas, such as input, picture mode, settings, and power off. Selecting settings brings up the full swath of monitor preferences, which include things like local dimming, auto brightness, PBP, DisplayPort version, and more. If you regularly work on content that benefits from a wide display area, and you currently use a monitor with 4K resolution or below, then the LG UltraWide 34WK95U is a significant workspace upgrade.

Having the extra horizontal real estate can go a long way towards improving your productivity, and the overall feeling of working in apps like Final Cut Pro X, Premiere Pro, and Logic Pro X is enhanced. This display really shows its utility when connected to a Thunderbolt 3-enabled Mac, particularly a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, as it can charge those machines along with working as a primary or secondary display.

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Just make sure you understand that this is really a 4. What are your thoughts on this display?

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Would you consider adding it to your desktop setup, and if so, which Mac do you plan on pairing it with? Sound off down below in the comments. Aug 4, 6 0. If you go that route, I'd suggest turning on screen sharing first and having another mac handy, because its a PITA otherwise - took me half hour friday to undo it on my machine, since the QH was set to my main screen, and I had trouble getting the SwitchResX panel on the functioning display. I haven't purchased a new mini yet -- but that is my plan now rather than trying to get an older one.

I have until thanksgiving, so I'm going to wait and see if a new version comes out -- maybe with dual-thunderbolt? If not, I'll just grab the version when time runs out.

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The-Pro macrumors Dec 2, 1, 35 Germany. Real annoying especially because they don't work properly with displays from other manufacturers. The-Pro said:. And it worked great for me for exactly that purpose -- as well as the other 4 monitors I've tested it with.

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  • Chippy99 macrumors a. Apr 28, Interesting to find that HDMI 1. I never knew that! I wonder why Apple limit output to x? And I wonder if you could patch the driver to get around this? Last edited: Aug 9, Jun 12, 13 0 Los Angeles. Thanks in advance!

    Last edited: Aug 12, Hello, I am planning to pick-up a Mac Mini this week. Yep, thats the type of adapter you need. I use the apple one, but the monoprice one should work too.

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